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By Marta Cros

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A few years ago, I struggled with pregnancy loss and infertility. Not only did I feel lonely, isolated, and adrift, but I was also in the midst of launching my first company, The Ritualist. As you can imagine, the added stress of entrepreneurship took me to my emotional limit. In hindsight, however, I was probably experiencing depression and dealing with some PTSD associated with the events that led to that first pregnancy loss.

After a dozen doctor’s appointments, nothing seemed to work.

I was still feeling an extreme sense of sadness and hopelessness, and I was growing more and more anxious by the day.

Frustrated and determined to find answers, I decided to do my own research into some alternative forms of treatment: naturopathy, acupuncture, Chinese medicine, fertility dieticians, and supplements to name a few. I’m so glad I did because this is how I came across Liza Roekl, a pioneer of the Arvigo technique—a Mayan massage that helps with organ alignment—here in the US.

Had anyone told my close friends that I made an appointment with Liza, they would have laughed; I am famously sceptical and rational. Yet, I was so desperate that off I went.

Liza listened the way she does: with her whole body. She warned me the treatment could lead to an outpouring of strong emotions. I promptly assured her that I never cry in public, but, alas, ten minutes later, tears were pouring down my face. All the tears I had bottled up for the loss of my babies; for the guilt of my body not being able to protect them; for the resentment at all of my friends who all of a sudden got pregnant and had perfectly healthy kids; and for an irrational inability to feel genuine happiness for them. When we finished, I felt lighter—almost like I was floating. During that hour of extreme emotions, I had finally learned to forgive and love myself again.

That first session with Liza gave me hope, and hope gave me back my strength which allowed me to keep fighting for the things I really wanted. I eventually became pregnant via IVF with my son, who was born in 2017. And two years later we welcomed our daughter. After years of struggling, my business finally took off. Mind you, I still have terrible days. I get angry, I get sad—and that’s totally okay. 

Do I think Liza is a demi-goddess? Absolutely! Do I think Liza single-handedly turned around my life? Well, not exactly. Her gift to me was to get me started on a healing journey. Her work made me aware that the world works in very complex ways, and that there are things in this world that I might never understand, but they exist and can be extremely powerful.

That day—that encounter with Liza—started my journey towards a more curious and empathic outlook towards holistic and spiritual practices. 

Shortly, I realized many of my friends and acquaintances had a “Liza” of their own: a person, a practice, or a ritual that provides them with a sense of purpose. I’ve tried many of them; Some, I enjoyed, while others, frankly, were not my cup of tea. All in all, though, I’ve never once regretted giving things a try. In my opinion, it’s a bit like travelling—exploring these various forms of spirituality keeps you open minded, makes you more self-aware, and encourages you to get out of your comfort zone. 

With Skin & Soul—our editorial platform here on RukSandra—we want to start conversations from a place of respect, curiosity, humility, and, of course, a sense of humor. (Because we believe life shouldn’t be taken too seriously.) We’re here to learn, explore, and venture out into new topics and conversations. Join us!

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