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Reiki & Arvigo with Liza Roeckl

By Ruksandra Team

Have you ever met someone so genuine and calming that you literally feel at ease immediately after meeting them? Liza Roeckl is one of those people, which makes sense considering her profession. As a “jack-of-all-trades” of spirituality, Liza has an extensive background in many forms of spiritual healing—Reiki, Arvigo abdominal massage), EMDR, vaginal steaming, and Creative Art Therapy—which she uses to help her female and LGBTQ clients work through infertility, past traumas, depression, digestive issues, anxiety, and low self esteem. Seem too good to be true? Her clients—including celebrities like Lena Dunham, who swears up and down that Liza changed her life after undergoing a hysterectomy in 2018—don’t seem to think so.

Curious to learn more about her practice, we sat down with Liza to hear how she got started, who she considers to be her spiritual guru, and how we can all be more spiritual in our day to day lives—without undergoing a vaginal steaming. Unless, of course, you’re into that sort of thing. Read her full interview, below.

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Q: Tell us about yourself and your spiritual practice.

“I consider myself a universalist—someone who studies all forms of spiritualities and religions, and honors them. I’m most known for my Fertility work, EMDR, Energy/Spiritual Healing and Arvigo therapy. These techniques are all different, but focus on healing the body, mind, and spirit. Arvigo abdominal massage is a physical massage that repositions the organs to create balance and increase circulation, healing the reproductive, lymph, digestive and energy systems. I’m also a Reiki master and I believe that unconditional love is the most powerful form of healing. I do Spiritual Healings with plants, prayer, and water to clear Spiritual Illness or clear spaces. EMDR is also very spiritual and is a large part of my practice today as well to heal trauma.

Q: How did you first get involved with your spiritual practices?

“I’ve truly always—even as a child—been interested in spirituality and have felt connected to the divine mother in particular. In college, I went to a school that was very open and bohemian, and, while, I studied social work there, I always had an interest in death. In a way, I was very drawn to the afterlife and helping people die, and now a lot of my work primarily involves helping women get pregnant, so it’s shifted a lot!”

“After working in the city at an agency, one day I ‘woke up’, quit, and went back to school for massage. In my early 20’s when I first met—and found a practice with—my spiritual teacher Bella Salerno, my main purpose in life became to help humanity with compassion and unconditional love. From there, I started studying Reiki, Arvigo abdominal massage in Belize with Rosita Arvigo herself, and Shamanism in Italy, Mexico, and upstate NY at my teacher’s house. My life path has been growing ever since.”

Q: How long have you been practicing Arvigo and Reiki?

"Over 20 years!"

Q: How would you describe the EMDR technique and what does it do/treat?

“EMDR is a wonderful technique for when there’s been an incident of some sort—like trauma, shock, or when you simply feel stuck in your life. While, EMDR can’t change what happened to you in the past, what it can do is help your brain process it so it will not no longer affect your future. EMDR uses bi-lateral stimulation to light up the left and right sides of the brain"

"When you have trauma, it tends to get stuck in the brain or in the wrong nerve pattern, and EMDR helps to reprocess that experience. The nervous system is an amazing and beautiful thing.”

Q: What spiritual practices do you, yourself, do in your day-to-day life?

“As a mother of two, I’m with my kids all the time when I’m not working. I love being with my kids, but my meditation practice is also very important to me. I really believe in active meditation, so I meditate when I’m up at 6am making them lunch, getting the kids ready for school, and throughout the day. I also do my own Reiki and Arvigo abdominal massage on myself every day. I exercise, dance, and make sure I keep myself grounded. I keep positive people around me, and often do vaginal steaming for myself. Sometimes, however, I’m tired and will just lay on the couch and just watch TV with a glass of red wine! It’s a balance, and I think that’s really important.”

Q: Who do you look up to for spiritual guidance?

“I have a couple, but I practice a lot with Bella Salerno, my spiritual teacher. She saved my life, and she helped me process so much of my own trauma. She studies many different spiritual practices, and the veil is very thin between her and the cosmos; She’s so connected to the divine. Bella is like a second mom to me—she keeps me in check and helps me grow spiritually. Additionally, I’m also going to see Rosita Arvigo in Belize soon for Wisdom Circle which is spiritual healing. She created the Arvigo Institute in America.” 

Q: What’s one easy way to get into spirituality as someone who’s never explored that side of themselves before?

“Just sit down and feel the air coming in and out of your nose. If a thought comes up or you feel distracted, say the words ‘thinking thinking; feeling feeling’ to keep your mind from drifting. Don’t think that you have to actively breathe in or out, just be mindful of your body. Or, try just simply being mindful while you’re in nature and feel how your body is expanding and contracting. Another easy way? Listen to some music that you love and recognize how it feels in your heart! Music is very spiritual. Spirituality doesn’t have to be a serious thing—it’s meant to be joyful.”

Q: What gives you a sense of purpose and meaning?

"My spiritual life, my connection to the divine, my love for my partner and my kids, and my work. First and foremost though, it’s my spiritual connection so I can ‘fill myself up’. Then, and only then, can I be a good mom and a good partner. I am very blessed because I love my work and I love what I do. Don’t get me wrong though, it doesn’t mean that it’s easy. It’s hard work, and being spiritual doesn’t mean that you’re blissful all the time. I work on myself constantly: to grow in consciousness and to be a more aware person that’s present".