Alyssa Duffy on Journaling & Being Grateful Alyssa Duffy on Journaling & Being Grateful

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Alyssa Duffy on Journaling & Being Grateful

By Claire Fontanetta

One look at Alyssa Duffy’s blog A-listed and you’ll see that she’s the type to inspire—not only in her ridiculously chic style sensibility (we don’t know many people who can rock sparkly stilettos as well as Alyssa can), but also in her career path and her genuinely friendly disposition. As a former fashion marketing guru who has lined her resume with big names in the biz like Intermix, Harper’s Bazaar, and Rent The Runway, it was no surprise when she went out on her own to start her own journey: A-listed Studio, a content marketing and social media consulting business based in NYC.

So how does one juggle so many things—her blog, a thriving business, daily dance cardio classes, being the hostess with the mostest, and, to top it off, styling her daily killer outfits—without getting overwhelmed? Read on to find out, just below.

Alyssa Duffy Coffee Table Journal

Q: Tell us about your spiritual practice?

“I’d consider my spiritual practice to be my gratitude journal. I first discovered them because I saw a lot of people posting about them on IG—as one does. I ordered one online for myself and my husband and it has significantly shifted our attitudes and perspectives for the better. It’s so amazing because it really gets you to stop and think about the things that you easily take for granted. To be thankful first thing in the morning is a great way to start the day before diving into crazy life.”

Alyssa Duffy Journaling

Q: How exactly does a gratitude journal work?

“You fill out one page per day—one part in the morning and one part before bed—and each section prompts you to write down what you are grateful for and what you can do to make that day great or better.”

Q: In your opinion, how has it changed your life?

“I’m very type A, and if I could sum up in one word what my life used to be like it would be ‘chaotic.’ I used to jump out of bed and go straight to my phone, check emails, and look at IG. I’d take things so seriously throughout the day; My day started off in a spiral, and it wasn’t good. Now, I take this approach of being positive, not letting outside factors mess up my mood. I can change the way I approach it from an attitude standpoint. It has made me super conscious on how I handle daily situations because, while, it’s super easy to let one email spiral you to the point of stress, I now handle things in my life and business in a much more level-headed way.”

Alyssa Duffy Home Corner Table

Q: How long have you been practicing gratitude journaling?

“We only started it at the end of 2018, so about a year ago. They say it only takes three weeks to make a habit, but after two weeks I felt it had made an impact. I grew up Christian, and for me, I was always taught to be really gracious and thankful for everything that you have. However, living in NYC, it’s so easy to lose sight of what you do have, and focus on what you don't have. It helped me get back to those roots; to feel grateful for what I have, even if it’s not what I was planning for. It changed my outlook, and it also forced me to take some solo time to myself, so that I don’t feel like I have to jump right into being productive and work.”

Q: Do you have any other daily rituals you indulge in that bring you joy or relaxation?

“When I started this new morning thing at the beginning of this year, I changed my routine to be very specific. I wake up between 6 and 6:30 AM, and then the first thing I do is hydrate. I fill my S’well bottle with really cold water, and recently got into these hydration packets by Hydrant. Big fan. They taste amazing and you instantly feel hydrated and energized. Next, I’ll do my gratitude journal, and then dive into my Boss Babe 3 Month planner, which helps me set goals for 90 days which tend to be more manageable compared to year-long goals. That’s where I’ll set my to-do list for the day as well. Another thing that brings me joy is my Time Cube, which helps me time manage and ‘time batch’ my calendar when I have major deliverables due that week.”

Alyssa Duffy Morning Ritual

Q: Any other tips you swear by that you’d like to share?

“Last year, we started keeping our phones out of the bedroom, and we implemented a 9pm phones down rule. To have an hour before bed where we’re not sitting on our phones is really wonderful. It helps you focus on relaxing. And if you’re wondering how we wake up in the morning, we just set our alarms to go off via our Sonos speaker in our bedroom!”